Staying at home was no hurdle for the 11 (!) teams that logged in last week. Online, they joined forces to come up with innovative, digital solutions for two local businesses: “SIEPLO” & “Appeltje-Eitje”. During a two-day bootcamp, which was originally planned to take place offline, students from three, local colleges worked in mixed teams with support of their teachers.

OnePlanet Research Center was part of a diverse judging panel and was impressed by the skills and creativity the teams demonstrated. Two winning teams came up with inspiring solutions for each of the local businesses involved in this bootcamp.

The winning team working on a challenge for SIEPLO – which develops feeding solutions for livestock, thought ‘out of the box’ with their idea to develop a 3D camera and link it to one of SIEPLO’s feeding robots to monitor animal-wellbeing. A solution like this fits within the research and innovation domains of OnePlanet Research Center, where we also actively work on developing solutions to contribute to animal wellbeing. The winning team working on a challenge for the other local business “Appeltje-Eitje – who offer fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farm in innovative vending machines, developed a dashboard to gain sales insights, did market research and created an option for clients to make a Wishlist for new products.

Gertjan van Dam, one of the founders of Appeltje-Eitje, was a member of the jury. Gertjan: “Normally I only walk among chickens! Now, during the Bootcamp I ended up in a whole new world. All this new information helps our company to grow!”


Bringing innovations to life during internships

Herman Julsing, project lead of ‘Knooppunt Techniek’ and responsible for bringing this (online) event to life for ICT campus is proud: ‘ We are very proud that we could still make this bootcamp happen. During the finale, more than 80(!) people logged in online, isn’t that great?! At the moment we are exploring with involved entrepreneurs and lecturers how we can best follow-up on this bootcamp. OnePlanet Research Center is also looking to support practical learning assignments in the Gelderland region. How great would it be to work with students to make their ideas reality!