.Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior

Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior

Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases is more effective, and infinitely cheaper, than treating people after they become seriously ill. OnePlanet Research Center provides companies with the insight and technology needed to develop smart, digital applications that empower individuals to improve their diet and lifestyle.

Such applications could provide individuals detailed insight into their mental and physical health, but also personalized advice that would prevent lifestyle-related diseases and improve quality of life for people with a disease. We would see dramatic improvements in people’s quality of life and powerful reductions in the pressure on state healthcare systems.

Early preventive action

OnePlanet provides food and pharma organizations and digital health providers with the technologies a preventative approach needs: highly-advanced sensors, machine learning, AI and real-time analysis that enable not just the gathering and integration of data on nutrition, health and lifestyle, but also the ability to predict the direction an individual’s health is likely to take. How does a person respond to a certain medicine, for example? And what is the effect of a high-fiber meal on gastrointestinal and mental health?

Such insights, manipulated by cutting-edge devices and apps, allow the generation of personalized advice, empowering individuals to make moment-by-moment changes in diet and lifestyle. OnePlanet also supplies data that supports companies to make strategic decisions, for example on markets and target groups, or whether to invest in developing new behavioral interventions.

Integrated approach

OnePlanet’s approach is effective because it is integrated: gathering data and employing expertise from nano & digital technology, nutrition, and the medical, behavioral and data sciences. The specialists working for OnePlanet come from world-leading organizations in their particular fields: imec (chip and digital technology), Wageningen University & Research (agriculture, food, nutrition and health), Radboud University and Radboud university medical center (healthcare).

They perform both lab and field studies, working closely with industry startups, multinationals, academia and citizens. This ensures that what is developed will make a difference in real life, and boosts entrepreneurship.

From ingestibles to the human digital twin

OnePlanet is working, in close collaboration with academia, industry and education institutes, on various innovations. Swallowable sensors for continuous, detailed and non-invasive assessment of factors such as inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract, fiber intake, protein digestion and microbiota composition will be one of the outcomes of Ingestibles. Smart bathroom for health focuses on measuring inflammation biomarkers in urine and feces, whereas CHILL + wearable investigates how to present a picture of how one’s behavior affects one’s mental wellbeing and stress levels.

All of these projects will converge in the Human Digital Twin: an AI-guided, digital copy of a human being, controlled by that individual, which details timely and appropriate interventions and their potential health benefits.

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Improving metabolic health

Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other metabolic health issues occur over the long term, affected by nutrition, lifestyle and other factors. Early detection of these diseases will provide a basis for personalized advice that will empower individuals to improve their diet and lifestyle. OnePlanet Research Center provides companies with the insight and technology needed to develop the smart, digital applications needed for this.


Improving mental wellbeing

Stress, depression, burnout and other mental wellbeing issues are becoming more and more common, and appear to be related to inflammation and other indicators of physical health. OnePlanet Research Center develops and combines insight and technology to monitor and predict an individual’s mental wellbeing, providing a basis for personalized nutrition.


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Excited by advances in sensor technology and data sciences in the development of smart, personalized applications?