Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

What if citizens, researchers, and engineers can all work together to improve our health and well-being through new technologies? 

What if.. we could screen for contaminants on every item on a food production line?

Microbial contaminants are a risk on any food production line, so samples are taken from batches for lab testing. However, this can take several days, and the product may already be in the shops. New sensing technologies may allow us to test every item before it leaves the factory, saving wastage and protecting the health of the consumer.

what if.. wearables can not only measure and boost your fitness, but can also improve your mental wellbeing?

Wearables can measure physiological signals in an unobtrusive manner. These signals can not only give insights into your fitness, but also your level of stress, depression and pain. Specific instructions can be triggered by these signals to (temporarily) relieve these mental strains and therefore improve mental wellbeing.


What if.. we could gather enough data to no longer have to make assumptions?

We are becoming better at gathering data about all aspects in life. With improvements in data analysis and machine learning, there is near limitless potential for learning about our world and for making decisions based on facts instead of assumptions.

What if.. we know exactly how to heal our planet?

By using networked sensors and measurement devices we can find out the cause of problems and take appropriate measures. Accesibility, usability and adoptation of new technologies will play a major role. By incorporating these aspects in designing new products, we allow change to happen.

What if.. we could permanently power implants, wherever they are?

A combination of innovative wearable power transmitter platform and mm-size power receiver will allow implants to be used permanently and in new body locations

What if.. we could use technology to help people live more healthily?

Digital technology can give you more insight in your behaviour, but that is hardly ever enough to actually support you in behavioural change. At OnePlanet, we will build innovations in such a way that they can really support you in living more healthily

What if.. your health can be monitored without you even noticing?

If health can be monitored non-obtrusively, and without people noticing, but still provide feedback and the necessary parameters it could improve compliance, track peoples health over time and allow earlier interventions.

What if.. we could mitigate climate change and lead more sustainable lives?

Using suitable sensor technologies, we can measure and quantify the impact that different human activities such as farming and manufacturing have on the environment. This information can be used to adapt our lifestyle and way of working in order to limit adverse impact on the environment.

What if.. we can really use the resources of our planet in the best way to feed all people?

Using technology and renewable energies in combination with sophisticated algorithms to be best used in agriculture in order to minimize waste and costs and cut out the environmental impact. In this way we can think that there will be enough food to feed the whole population.

What if.. we could get direct feedback from the environment to see if we are on the right way?

Many activities from individuals, entrepreneurs and governments are initiated to improve the influence we have on the environment we live in. Wouldn’t it be great to have the tools to see where we are on the right track, and where we have to make those extra steps to hand over this one beautiful planet we inhabit to the next generations to live a sustainable and comfortable live.

Jos Oudenhoven