Joar Nilssen, Business developer

Joar Nilssen

Joar Nilssen is Business Development Manager for the Health, Nutrition & Behavior domains.

“I view systemic societal challenges as an opportunity to showcase our passion and commitment towards a better future”

As Business Development Manager I am responsible for attracting funding and developing public-private partnerships to bring various innovations to the market within the Health, Nutrition and Behavior domains.

From my background in entrepreneurship, I strive to facilitate the interaction with SME’s and accelerate the adoption of disruptive innovations in the marketplace.

Feel free to contact me for a (digital) chat and a cup of coffee.


Ketki Chawla is one of the Business developers at OnePlanet Research Center.

“Enabling high impact research and innovation in Health and Agri food through public funding initiatives”

What if.. our food production or even our society could be designed to work in complete harmony with natural eco-systems?

Our capabilities to understand and work with complex systems around us is growing ever faster with the tools we are developing. AI, quantum computing and infinite energy supply will give humanity the power to change, if we choose to.

Vincent Dupre