“What if … we can use AI and novels sensors to maximize the harvest and optimize resource use in greenhouses?”
With this question in mind team AiCU, empowered by OnePlanet Research Center, won the silver medal in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2019/2020. From December 2019 to May 2020, five teams grew cherry tomatoes in a greenhouse that was remotely using tailor-made AI strategy. Aim of the challenge was to automate greenhouse control to improve efficiency in greenhouse production and find a sustainable way to feed the world. We congratulate Team Automatoes in winning the 1st place in the challenge.



“We are happy to see team AiCU did not forget about sustainability while doing a great job in maximizing economic profit.”

Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge focuses on sustainability and AI

Wageningen University & Research and the Chinese company Tencent organized the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, which is an international platform for computer scientists and horticultural experts to challenge themselves to find a more efficient way of operating a greenhouse. Over a period of five months, the teams were assessed based on three criteria: net profit, sustainability and AI strategy. OnePlanet Research Center empowered the AiCU team, who advance to the final as the top 1 out of 21 international teams that attended the competition. With our overall finish in second place, we show that at OnePlanet Research Center we care about sustainability and that AI can definitely add value to that.


autonomous greenhouse challenge


The final compilation

Check out this compilation of the teams, their way through this project and the experiences of the researchers and the reference growers. Big applause for the winner of this challenge: team Automatoes! The winning team consists of employees, researchers and students of Van der Hoeven, Hoogendoorn, Keygene and TU Delft. They were able to convince the jury with their AI approach, had the highest net profit and best score on sustainability.



What’s next?!

The Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge is another step towards the realization of fully automated greenhouses. Our research team at OnePlanet Research Center will keep working on this topic and take it further from here.

autonmous greenhouse challenge