Today, on World Environment Day, we look back at an online expert session we’ve organized recently. Theme of this session was ‘Sensing the Future Farm’. We dived into the issues surrounding nitrogen and how OnePlanet Research Center, together with partners, is working on (tech) innovations that prepare the farmer for the world of tomorrow. In times of Corona and social distancing, the online session turned out to be a fruitful way to get and stay in touch with our valuable (potential) partners.

Among the participants were farmers, barn system experts and software manufacturers. These SMEs know the nitrogen problem from first hand and are experts in developing the systems that are holding the solutions to this problem. It turned out to be very valuable to share and retrieve information, insights and the latest technological developments from these experts. The session contributed to the awareness that measuring in and around the farm is a complicated topic and cannot simply be solved. Nevertheless, the confidence prevails that we will achieve solutions together and some interesting collaborations have been shaped from this session.

What if we can measure what the farmer really wants and needs to know?

A sustainable future farm
It’s 2020. For agricultural entrepreneurs, themes such as innovation and sustainability are part of the daily reality at and around the farm. During the expert session ‘Sensing the Future Farm’ we questioned ourselves and the participants: What if we can (re)develop smart sensors and other digital innovations? What if we can measure what the farmer really wants and needs to know? How can we contribute to measurements that can actually contribute to taking the right actions on the farm? Also, we discussed how a farmer can ensure that innovations really make sense for both the environment and the sustainability of their own business. How a farmer can assess whether an innovation on the farm will actually pay for itself. And how can a farmer can demonstrate that investments in sustainability made in the past are already bearing fruit.

Nature is sending us a message

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is an initiative of the United Nations and is one of the most renowned days for environmental action. For over 45 years, World Environment Day has been celebrated on the 5th of June, with the aim to engage governments, citizens, businesses and celebrities to focus some effort on a pressurizing environmental issue. Recent environmental events, like bushfires in Australia and Brazil, and of course the current global COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the interdependence of people and nature all too clearly. Nature is sending us a message. Let’s take action!