The aim of the SME program within OnePlanet Research Center is to link regional SMEs to the developments and platforms of OnePlanet. At the same time, OnePlanet Research Center works closely with the companies in the region in order to properly understand the needs of the companies and the market and to guide the development of applications. Through collaborating with OnePlanet Research Center, SMEs gain access to innovative technologies, which enable them to introduce new innovations in their own markets.

OnePlanet works together with SMEs as a partner in innovation projects 

OnePlanet strives to set up as many concrete partnerships with SMEs as possible. In the Precision Health domain, for example, together with the companies Noldus and Ivido, an “EFRO project” application (Project INGE3) has been submitted for the development of a digital measurement and monitoring platform for the well-being and mental well-being of citizens and special risk groups. Another example is an awarded NWO project for the development of new generation, stable, chemical ion-sensing technologies, with which better sensors can be developed in the future for measuring soil and water quality. This project is being carried out together with the companies PlantLab and Metrohm. In addition to these two examples, collaborations with several industrial partners and SMEs have been initiated for NWO, EU and “Top Sector” projects.

Network activities for SMEs.

The goal of OnePlanet Research Center is to strengthen as many existing business networks as possible on the theme of digital technology for agri, food & preventive health. That is why OnePlanet has sought connection with all relevant networks in and outside the region from the start because we want to make use of the regional ecosystems. A close collaboration has started with FoodValley NL, by organizing activities together within the framework of the AgroFood 2030 program Smart & Digital. Such close collaborations have also been started with HealthValley, The Economic Board, FME, OostNL and ICT Campus. OnePlanet can be found at a large number of events in which SMEs are involved and also organizes relevant (online) events and meet-ups itself.

Involving SMEs in the Open Education program

SMEs are involved in the Bootcamps, Hackathons and work-learning places of the OpenEd program.

Joining start-up and scale-up programs

OnePlanet joins start-up and scale-up programs in the ecosystem: Startlife, StartHub, FoodValley Accelerator, Scale up Food, Briskr, Rockstart, Safe Venture accelerator and Mercator Launch. OnePlanet is exploring the possibility with imec.iStart to also establish itself in Gelderland, which will strengthen the Gelderland start-up and scale-up ecosystem.